List of Benefits

INSPRA supports those charged with communicating about schools by providing professional development opportunities, guidance and information related to national and local education trends to its members. As the only professional organization in the state dedicated specifically to helping school districts strengthen public support for education, INSPRA provides its members with valuable tools and resources to deal proactively with issues and situations impacting our schools. INSPRA is part of the National School Public Relations Association: National Association
We invite you to become a member of INSPRA! A year-long, single membership costs just $125.  A District membership, which includes three individual memberships, can be purchase for $285. Additionally, we offer a special membership rate of $62 for college students and retired/former PR professionals. So regardless of where you happen to be in your PR career, you will reap the benefits of joining INSPRA today!


When you join online, you can pay by credit card or generate an invoice that can be submitted to your organization for payment. 

Benefits for all INSPRA members include:

  • Participation in an award-winning professional organization that provides public relations training, counseling, information, and inspiration;
  • The “Member Needs Help” program, which allows any INSPRA member to seek advice and examples from members across the state, and ensures that all members can benefit from the answers through the Member Needs Help online forum;
  • The opportunity to register for Friday morning seminars (six per year) featuring experts with practical strategies for media relations, social media, community outreach, crisis communications, publication design, , strategic planning, staff and labor issues, referenda, business partnerships, balancing the demands of the job, and other “hot topics”;
  • Networking with top school PR professionals, including the opportunity for professionals relatively new to school PR to be mentored by a more veteran professional;
  • Contact information for INSPRA members throughout the state;
  • Proactive insight into emerging education issues and trends;
  • Expert feedback and special recognition for education publications and programs, through the annual Communications Contest and Golden Achievement Awards;
  • Opportunities to provide state-level special recognition of staff, board and community members who go the extra mile for your district, through the annual Distinguished Service Awards;
  • Linkage with the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) and insight into national trends and issues.